Organic Asphodel Honey

Honey is a precious and ancient food, that is also healthy and allows you to naturally sweeten drinks and sweets.

Asphodel is a multi-year plant widespread in Sicily, very robust and over a meter high. It mainly grows near river embankments and in uncultivated hill areas. Its flowers, which bloom in spring, are gathered in clusters and have a pale pink color with dark streaks.

Asphodel honey is an example of culinary delicacy but it is at the same time a tonic and an excellent detoxifier for the liver. It has a yellowish golden color with more or less marked shades that at times resembling orange honey, but less sweet and perhaps more aggressive. The aroma, subtle and intense, yet not too heavy, recalls the scent of flowers. The flavor is moderately sweet.

The demanding Japanese consumers will be surprised by the quality of this Sicilian organic honey.

Product info

  • Weight 400g
  • Glass jar

Tasting tips

  • Tea, herbal teas, seasoned cheeses, meat